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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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washingtonians from lighting up? here we go in wint mode agn this afternoon. since this morning, the amount of snow expected to move into the region has increased. >> keep it right here folks. for the first word on any closings or delays. because the timing of this thing could not be worse. veronica johnson is tracking it all for us. v.j.? >> tright. unfortun it's going to be through the morni rush. starting ear tomorrow morning. one reason why this weather system will have a moderate to major impact on our area for tomorrow s take a look at the adviso all in purple here from frederick county maryland h leesburg. down to madison county and a winter storm warning for the northe neck. cambridg that includes ev salisby this time and ocean city. arriving ad 2:00 to 3:00 a.m. many areas around the adviso locations. several inches between 1 and 3. an eight-hour event. when it start, it's
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s for some time right through the morning rush. here's tm that we've been tracking since early this morning. it's snowing right now in areas of northern alabama and mississi there's the snapshot. 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. right on our back door. that snow coming up later. meteorol doug kammerer will have more on what to expect and we're also monitoring cancella i'm in the newsroom at the assignme desk. througho this evening, this is where word will come in about potentl sch closures or delays. pass those along to you as soon a they come in all evening long. pat and jim? >> thanks amelia. >> the major winter storm hitting parts of south is what we're going to see in the morning here you're looking at snow falling in arkansas today. some spots there could get a half a foot of snow. it's making for slippery roads and sidewalks too. but those cars you see there aren't actually on the street. they're at a car dealership.
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some workers who aren't used to snow thought it would be fun to do doughnuts in the parking lot. even before the next round of snow hits a lot of local neighbe havin a lot of problems with things we normal take for granted. >> news 4's kristin wright is live in northwest where compla range from icy sidewas to late trash pickup. >> well that's right. you know what this is just one example of many. it is a bad combination. slippery i might add that i have almost fallen on several times today and trash just waiting to get picked up. >> one careful step at a time. >> it's real slippery real slippery. garbage collectors drag bins through an icy 17th street alley in northwest. they can't get their truck through. a car is stuck.
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already tough job even tougher today. can even grip. you try to put grip you'll slip and fall >> the icy conditions in the streets in the district is troublr trash collectors. and delaying trash pickup along some routes. like here behind these streets in bloomingdale. are you playing catchup becaus all the ice? >> yes, we are. we're a week behind. but finally getting two piles of trash as more snow heads our way. >> that car, by the way, still stuck right there. on news 4 at 5:00 hear from residents who by these icy roads. live in northwest, kristin wright news 4. >> developments with d.c.'s marijuan nears. despite a lr demanding the city reconsider legalization it appears initiative 71 will move forward. the law which legalizes sma
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amounts of pot is set to take effect one minute after midnight. les go straight to news 4's tom sherwood at the wilson building. tom, the mayor spoke a little while ago. tell us d w it's being received. >> rep just a short time ago, pat, mayor bowser is not two months into office and already a big fight with congress. y she and the council stood up to a congressional house committe she says the new pot law is legal and the city is going to go forward with it at midnight tonight. >> i'm muriel bowser i'm the dual elected mayor of the districtcolumbia. our government is prepared to implemt and enforce initiative 71 in the district of columbia. in bullying the district of is not what his consti expect nor do
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ours. >> a republican house committee letter said if she went forward she'd be violating the law. the next step is up to congress. here in the district tom sherwood. news 4. thank you, tom. we're working to learn more about a fire that shut down part of busy m street in georgetown today. it broke out at the steve madden store ju store worker tells us he went in the basement and saw the furnace on fire. everyone inside got out okay. just two work days left for congress to come up with funding for the department of homeland security. the budget expires at the end of the day on friday. the senate impasse appears to have broken within the past hour.e senate voted to advance the funding bill for further consider but even if it passes the bill's fate in the house is unknown. if the deadline comes without a soluti in place thousands of people in our area will be
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forced to work with no idea when to expect their next paycheck. we're learning new details about a possible motive in the murder of a retired 95-year-old navy officer in maryland. police tell us 60-year-old eric dyson lived in the same senior citizen apart complex as the victim dan belvin. according to cou documents, dyson admitted to stabbing belvin sayin the motive was sexual in nature. investig also say dyson used the victim's credit cards rackin more than $5,000 in charges. > a meth lab, new at 4:00 it shut down. three people in custody and one on the loose. it happened in beal ton, that's in fauquier county. they conducted simultaneous locations. they're charged with possession of meth. the suspect on the lam, james roberts charged with manufag the drug.
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the live desk. we're waiting for a state depart official to appear in the d.c. courtroom on charges of soliciti a minor. daniel rosen was arrested yest his home in the district. accused of having a series of online exchanges with an underc fairfax county dee who w working for the child exploitation unit. officers say rosen's occupation is listed as the director of countert. t the state department has not confirmed that. a state department spokesperson says that rosen's security clearanc has been suspended and he's been put on administrative leave. the hearing will determine extd to fairfax county. chris gordon is at the courth and will have a live update at 5:00. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. e men arrested in the u.s. fe with isis. >> she's a mother and police officer. she's claiminboss a
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police chief, discriminated against her. > as winter weather way, stay with us on air this hour and we'll send you weather and school closurs c
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new details about a lawsuit filed by the only female officer against a local police departme. carissa lewis works for the morningse pol department in maryland. her suit alleges discrimination along with other problems. many of which are directed at chief amos dam ron. our prince george's county -- tells us about what's going on and shs bee working to get reaction from the department. l have that story coming up on news 4 at 5:00. we're learninw details about the driver of the pickup truck that hit by a commuter
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train yeste in southern californ. court records show that jose alejano sanchez ramirez had be cited for multiple drivg violat in his home state of arizona. yesterday's crash, today a national transportatio safety boa investigator said it appears the truck was traveling down the tracks before the train slammed into it. and it was not stuck at the crossing as first thought. the train's video and data records wil b here for analysis. eight of 30 people injured are still in the hospital. > two republican la calling it quits. delegate tom rust who represents the 86th district covering fairfax and parts of loudon county said he won't seek reelecti. he narrowly won reelection in 2013 in a district that leans democrat. jef mcwaters of virgin beach is not seeking reelecti. mcwaters is a potential gubernl candidate. although he has not said publicly what his future
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politil plans are. students drugged, their own classmd what we now kn about one of the students that links him to our region. she doing it again. how some comments from hillary n have a lot of people buzzing this afternoon abor the white house. > it's our big story this afternoo team 4 tracking more snow and it could all come down to timing. veronica is coming right back with what you nee
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at the live desk. at least one person is hurt in a partial building collapse in midtown manhattan. this happened on west 57th. not far from central park. that building was in the process of being demolished when the outer shell collapsed. construc workers say it sounded like an explosion when the walls caved and rubble landed on a school bus parked on the street. i believe tha bus was empty at the time. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger. to you. as women, let's do more to help all women lead on and succeed. you do does not have to be big and dramatic. you don't have to run for office. [ laught although if you do more power to you. >> hillary clint dropping more hints about her future plans at
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a women's tech conference in silicon valley last night. later she said she hasn't made a final decision on a 2016 run for the whit we tracking arrests in a new isis threat here in the u.s. three men living in brooklyn are charged with conspiring to help isis. the i says two of the suspects were willing and even eager to conduct terror strikes here on u.s. soil. steve handelsman is live on capitol where the arrests could raise the stakes in the homela secur funding battle. steve? absolutely pat. thanks. go evening. one member of congress the house side peter king of new york a republican called it insane. but it's sti a fact up here on the hill that going down to the deadline the fight continues over funding for the department of homeland security. still in all, that said this operatn today was from a differt depart justice and the fbi. one suspect was arrested in new york at the airport headed to
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turkey. suspect planning to follow him from istanbul to syria said u.s. officials to fight for isis. or if ordered by isis to launch attacks in the united states. >> we all take the threat of isis very very seriously. arrested in new york where they live where abdul and akhror saidakhmetov. ab roar habibov was accused of heg pay for the plan. the u.s. government says juraboev planned to join them in syria or launch terrorist attacks in the u.s. to shoot police and fbi agents. juraboev admitted to invests he offered to kill presidenobama. monitori a pro-isis website, federal officials sayy dete the plan still in the talking stage. in washington owe the senate took a step toward funding the depart of homeland security
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but some house republicans still refuse unless the obama immigrn order is defunded. >> illegal aliens are undermg national security. a new york republican is outraged. >> i can see no reason at all why anyone would oppose funding for the department of homeland securit a time when the number of terror threats could greater or potential s could be greater at any ti since 9/11. 2 200 workers have to work without pay. >> fbi agents says it's because one of the suspects arrested so avidly supported isis that he told agents openly when they intervd him last august that he was avidly in favor of isis and he'd be willing to hurt presidt obam gave them the name of a second suspect. they all three now face 15 years in federal prison. i'm steve handelsman news 4. steve, thank you. there's a l link now to this week's molly incident up at
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wesleyan university. they're facing criminal charges. zachary kramer and rah ma -- of luthervill in baltimore county were arraigned today on drug charges. both are neuroscience students accordg to statements in court. 11 wesleyan students endee h after getting a bad batch of molly, also known as mdma. two students are still in the hospital> t to the winter storm we're expecting. veronica who is going to get hammer and who will be inconven? >> this time the south will get a lot of snow. virginia area they could see 6 to 8 inches of snow. for us moderate to major impact because of the time that it will hit. like saturday it falls, it will stick right away. no we're not going to get the amount of snow that we did get on saturday. that system will be shutting off
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after a couple of inches. let's talk about the snow impact forecast on area roads. what to expect here. from no problem all the way over to treacherous this bar goes. when it falls it's going to stick. starting at 10:00 p.m. this evening, our temperatures drop below freezing and will stay below freezing until at the freezi mark until afternow visibility between 6:00 and 8:00. could see limited visibility down to a quarter to half mile. the to major delays. more major towards southern maryland areas of the northern neck. 41 our temperature now. the wind out of the south. it's at 3 miles per h the with thing with the system.s a whole lot of moisture coming out of gulf of mexico that's goi this way up to the north while at the sae e got a lot of cold air m areas up to the north and moving south. both of them meeting together. you can see that snow just north of atlanta, georgia right now. something t not used to.
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quiet on the radar right now. once this event gets started again, it will last about eight hours. 11:00 p.m. tonight. you'll be watching meteorol doug kammerer and going thh t morning until the storm system gets out of here. he the snow line at 2:00 a.m. frederic working up i-95. by the time we get t a.m. most areas seeing plenty of snow. it's going to be covering most of the a up to montgomery county leesburg gaithersburg. into the 8:00 a.m. hour i think that's when we could see low visibi and probably pretty good snow coming down. it's out of here by 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. we're left with a cloudy sky. the lo freezing tomorrow. 2 to 3 inches of snow. 1 to 2 hagerstown frederick. middlebu. we get into the late afternn hours, say around 2:00 3:00 or so gaithersburg
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bethesda 2 to 3 inches of snow i think, whatever does fall on the secondary roads especially d especially down here. look at waldorf. colonial peach beach. 3 to 5 inches of snow. the 5 inches and yes, after that moves out of here a chance for light sn and flurries on friday. we'll look at the weekend foreca and have more on the road impacts of this system coming up a little later. thanks veronica. a big mixup that could leave you with some extra money in your wallet. l tell you whether some of that cash could be coming your way. >> big changes for people with peanut allergies. how the big news is causing some confusio wi the recreational use of marijua on its way to being legal in the district tonight, in a little less than eight hours in fact we want to know if congress has the right to stop it. >> it's our nbc washington flash survey of the day. during the break, sound off by calling or texting the number on
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your screen. you can also cast your vote on the nbc washington fa
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two days after we told you about a new study involving peanut allergies, parents are raising new concerns and asking new questions about what it do with this new information. a study discovered exposing
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children to peanuts early in life can help prevent allergies. dr. jackie a grar i, a family alleri joins us with advice and caution. yo getting a lot of phone s from parents on this study. what a they asking you? >> so they're basically coming in completely conflicted. if they've talked to their mom or grand mom or pediatrician, what they've heard is keep your kid away from nuts. that's exactly what this study isn't saying. that recommendation actually changed yea ago, but it hasn't really caught up with the general public. most importantly, they're very very afraid. how can i make this problem go away? this study focused on young at-risk children. who are these kids and how young are we talking? >> that's the point. this was looking at very young children 4 to 11 months of age before they would get the allergy. particular tho at risk with eczema. the thought is that if your skin
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isn't fully put together maybe you'ret of peanut through the skin. another risk factor that wasn't studied in this group and you should know about is if you have a sibling with food allergy, you're at risk. finally, if you have a family history of allergy, you can be at somewhat increased risk. the most important part of the study is how young they were. >> yeah. what should parents do? what are you telling your patients? >> if we just follow what that study really talked about and go throh in a cookbook manner the first thing they do is call a board certified allergist and come in and get a skin prick test. it fast easy painless. it's done in 15 minutes. if there's a small positive a four millimeter or smaller, they can go ahead and eat the nuts. the point of the study is that keep eating the nuts and you wi not grow into allergy. if you even had a little bit of a positive, don't stay away from nuts. fact do the opposite. keep eating the nuts. you will not grow further into
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allergie interesting. thanks for clearing up a lot of the confusion. we appreciate it wrung> busy before the season starts. right. good to see you again. back over to you. >> award show comments lead to a big apology. but was it enough? after a tv host made some say were racist. skidding of control in the middle of a snowstorm. more of the incredible video of a din the roads. how will the threat of more snow impact your plans? veronicas tracking that. some of you could see a few inches of snow right at a time yo
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right now at 4:30 a landma change just 7 1/2 hours away now. muriel bowser says she and other district leaders are ready for re cons to become legal in the district just after midnight tonight. far congress has not stopped it. a state department official is in court right now for allegedly having a series of online exchanges with officers who were posing as children. he's expected to be extradited from d.c. to fairfax county. r big story this afternoo snow batters the south and now it's coming our way and it could delay our close schools. let's get an update from meteorol veronica johnson. we'll be needing steam tomorrow.
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yeah. exactly. sure. through the morning. i do think that there will be quite a few delays and even cancelon coming up tomorrow.e system the event, about ten hours away. it 2:30 by the time you hit the road around 6:30 7:00. there will be snow-covered roads. a look at radar. it scans the area. the snow coming from the mountas of north carolin suburbs of atlanta, georgia and alabama, mississi that's whe the system is now. we're in the red for early tomorrow morning, even midday being cautionary with the secondy roads still covered by midday. improve after that. the evening still cautionary with some issues around the area. we got more on the road impacts coming up a little later in the newscast. all right. at least 14 people are recove right now from a terrifyi 40-car pileup that happen on a busy main intersta. 7:30 heavy snow and wintry conditis appear to play
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a role. police say that among the cars involved was a school bus and tractor- e incident closed 30 mile stretch of a highway for several hours. maryland is considering doub the penalty for illegay driving past a stopped school bus. our scott mcfarland reports a maryla committee will discuss a planned law to raise the ma $250. a recent report revealed e drove past stopped school buses that were offloadi or boarding children on just one day in 2014. an update now on a story we brought you last week regarding a government error that affected health customers filing tax returns. the department of treasury now says the 50,000 people who already filed forms that incl the government error will be able to keep any extra refund money. they also won't have to refile
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their taxes. and if any taxpayers paid too due to the error, they have the option of filing an amended return to get their money back. >> such a tiny frame. this hair to me overwhelms her. she smells like pe actually oil or weed. >> maybe weed. >> no. i didn't intend to hurt anybody. but i've learned. it is not my intent that matters. it's the result. >> widesprea reacti on social media after fashion pe host giuliana rancic made what people say insensit comme on oscar sunday night. its our talk around town. whur's troy johnson is here. rancic later apologized for the remarks. but they still -- it's still one of the biggest trending
4:35 pm
stories in the area. my facebook page blowing up with comments about people hair. what arer listeners saying? >> they're very upset. they like zen day a. she's a talented young woman who is not only an actress, she's a singer. she's written a book. pretty good for age 18 right? they're admiring her. kids love her. they always appreciate the way she's carried herself in the spotlit wit class and style. many parents telling me that's what they'd like their own young ladies to do. they're also upset about giulia rancic's comments on the fashion police. they feel she really crossed line with her statements. calling the statements harmful and ignorant. i haven't talked to kay today. she tells me that frankly, her apology is not accepted. >> i think the comments was racist. i dot at all think she was sincere.
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i like a lot of times people in those type of positis say stuff, their true feelings they say it and when they're caught they back pedal. >> a lot of people say, when people apologize, does it really change the hearts and minds of people who might be feeling like giuliana rancic said. >> the thing about zen daya she's so young, you never know is going to respond. she said she ignores the negative comments. but this one she couldn't ignore. she said she thought the comment was stereotypical and outrag offensive. she says that my wearing my hair in locks on oscar red carpet night was to showcase them in a positi light to remind people of color that our hair is good enough. comments resonating with the people that i spoke to. they love the fact that this young lady took the high road in her response. th like the fact that she created a teachable moment. she talked about other prominent
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african-s w wear their hairstyles. among black women, natural hair is making a comeback and black celebrity women are wearing t hair natural. many hope this issue leads to a shift in the definition of what beauty is. you know what this is new but not new. if you go back years ago, you think abt sisce tyson who -- a lot of people grew to enjoy and loved wearing their hair that way because it really made -- it hit home for them. it w them to express themselv. it's unfortunate that these comments have happened and it's also unfortu aft i talked to a lot of people that they say this kind of commentary cos to happen in the public eye about hair. hairstyle a people of color. >> all right, troy johnson, thanks so much. >> a person with no hair. >> you will find a link to giuliani rancic's complete apology on nbc washington's
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facebook page> it's the court case that everyone is talking about. even after the verdict was reached. the emotional things we're hearing now for the first time about the amerin sniper trial. thousands of people flying on planes that have not been inspecte why do some say this is okay at least for now. right 90 90 flights and counting.
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that's how many southwe flights had to be canceled since yesterdar the planes missed scheduled inspections. erika gonzalez joins us now. how in the world did this happen? >> so we had that same question. everybody is scratching their heads like how do you miss an inspecti lik this? on its website, southwest says that it notified safety regula as soon as it learned that they had missed the inspec deadline. after we e-mailed the airline, it explained that it was while updati the maintenance tracki system that it "inadver omitted the low west of three intee maintee check established." the airline says the federal aviati administration gave it the okay to continue flying the planes whi the inspections take place over the next couple of days. the inspection is for the stand-by hydraulic system which serves has a backup. when we called on cnbc's auto and ailebeau, he said the fact that they're
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still allowed to fly, there's no immediate danger. missed inspections don't happen it's not consid a widespread prt also told us whose custom hadn accommodated. we called the f.a.a. for more informat though. w numbers out show th unfixed recalls still on the road. tell you how to stay safe and the one quick and easy way to make sure that your car doesn't hav an open recall. if you've got a story idea for the consumer watch, we'd love to hear from you. shoot us those ideas. consumer watch at nbcwashi to 202-885-48 a pleasure to talk to our viewers. see you tonight at 5:00. thanks erika. it's a story our scott mcfarld bro last night. new fallout after the news 4
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iteam uncovered government workers spending tho of dollars jt to fill up their tanks. storm team 4 track thg wintry rg in. v.j.? >> a couple of inches back in the forecast. it all starts tonight after midnight. when temperatures will be below freezing. 22 tomorrow morning with snow-c road l tell you when the roads may improve throughout the day tomorrow coming up on .
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right now, it's big and it's headed way. this afterno storm team 4 is tracki more snow. how much depends on where you are. but the timing here is what's key. >> we have team coverage for you througho evening. from storm team 4, doug kammerer jos us in a bit. we begin with veronica johnson. outside our front lawn we're going to be seeing snow on top of snow a ice there. you say this stuff is going to stick quickly because of how cold it is. the snow is going to stick to the roads. that's what really folks want to know what we're going to stress. with this event starting at 2:30 3:00 a.m. in the morning. that snow line will be moving on up. by 7:00 a.m. i think that there willa few snow-coves throughout the area. it will come down qui we won't see the high totals as we did on saturday. major rush delays throughout the
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area. cancellas likely to come in. there we are at 6:00 a.m. snowing on the monuments through d.c. at 8:00 a.m., more snow in terms of temperatures. 22 degrees at 6:00 a.m. by 9:00 a.m. up to 23. once that snow ends and pushes east 11: to noontime. any know that's left on area roads will still be there to make for a slick evening commute in some areas. look at the red. this is the road impact early thursd morning. 70 270, 66, areas right down 95 will in a big way early tomorrow morning. as the snow comes in low visibili. reduced visibility with the snow coming down at a pretty good clip between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. check out t amounts. 2 to 3 inches through d.c. around warren ton, leesburg, waldorf, st. mary's calvert. where could we see delays and cancella taking place?
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let's go to doug kammerer in storm center 4. >> it's not the fact that it's going to a big storm. 2 to 3 inches is not a lot of snow for us. once again, it's going to fall into a very cold atmosphere meaning we'll see the snow stick immediaty on the roadways. that's why we think we'll have a big problem. it's coming just in time for the morning rush just in time for the kids to go to school. down to the south. high impact events from calvert county to charles county. towards the river, stafford county spotsylvania county and culpepcounty. these are the areas where we expect to see possible school closings and delays. to the north, we expect to see a problem in the area. fairfax county prince will yarks tow fauquier county. this is somet we'll be watchi through the rest of tonight. t a huge snowstorm but a big storm as regards to impact on the ro early tomorrow morning. >> when it wraps up again, 2 to 3 inches around d.c. this time.
4:49 pm
heavier amounts of snow down south. 3 to 5 waldorf. quantico too. that base could have some delays coming up too. here's a look at the storm team seven-day forecast. 30 degrees with flurries on friday. the weekend split 34 41. chance of mixed conditions with higher temperatures monday tuesday,week. we focus on this system more as new information comes in to storm center 4. >> the investigation into millio of faulty takata airbags has reached a new level tonight. consumer reporter erika back on the live desk with new details. there's an order requirg takata to preserve all the airbag inflay tors that were removed through the recall for evidence. access to all data for the testing of those that were removed. it will upgrade the investn to a "engineering analysis a formal step is defect investn process. that will help determine the
4:50 pm
cag failures which ruptured and shot shrapnel when they were deployed. we'll keep an eye on this and se any updates to our nbc washin app. at the live desk, i'a gonzalez> new information about an i-team investiga we brought you last night. governme workers illegally swiping govt credit cards to buy gasoline for themselves. but yo paying the tab. scott mack far land joins us with t fallout. d.c.'s fire chi was questi about whether they want to make changes because of the investigat his reaction in a moment. first, here's a look at what we found. >> we caught up with terrell mcray as he left the d.c. courthou hi, mr. mccray. he didn't want to talk. shielding his face and hustling back towards the doors. >> when we tried to a abos recent arrest, this response we got.
4:51 pm
>> can you tell us about the gasoli thefts. >> mccray is a staff assistant at the d.c. fire department. investigs say he used his credit card to buy gasoline for his own personal use. just since august. at sever gas stations in northwt d.c. including thi bp station on rhode is avenue. some of the gas according to court records, mccray used in his persona jaguar and some of the gas he's accused of selling to other people for 50 cents on the dollar. he isn't the only person recent arrested for this. le near white is another. this is surveile video obtain by the investigators. it shows white illegally filling someone else's car with a gas card. wh was convicted of conspi to steal more than a quarter of a million dolla of taxpay funded gas along with an associate that's currently
4:52 pm
serving time in a federal prison. the all over the country. they're everywhere where the govern does business and needs autom and transp to get places. bobber i can son is the acting inspector general of the admini which oversees a massive fleet, tens of thousands of government cars. >> sometimes it's somebody that decides they' not getting paid enough and they want to get a bonus by using the government credit card. >> the news 4's review of records reveals workers have stolen more $2.4 million in taxpayer funded gasoline since 2010 more than 260 different gas theft cases nationwide. the fleet cards require workers to enter the odometer readings from government cars and gove tag numbers to prevent theft, cases reviewed by the i-team show employees can and have falsified that informat generally don't catch them on the first time. they've bee doi it for a little spe agent of the gsa's inspecr general's office and his team have nabbed several
4:53 pm
govern gas thieves. his team goes undercover doing survei at gas stations in which government crooks freque fill their tanks. he also reviews a confidential databa which shows every time a federal worker swipes a govern gas card. >> it may have been been a weak excuse but one of the excuses that the people get all the time when they misuse a fleet card a travel card a purchase card i pulled it out. i didn't realize it until after it was done. it's right next to my regular ones. >> you can see how different an official gov fle card looks from your typical credit card. as for terrell mccray, his court proceedis a ongoing. he's charg with fraud and the fire department put him on paid administ leave. prs say he's pleaded not guilty. >> a second d.c. fire employee a veteran fire inspector was arrest and has since quit. she took $11,000 in gas for her person use at taxpayers expense. d.c.'s interim fire chief was asked if he would consider
4:54 pm
eliming the fleet cards from his agency. i think the gsa has a clear way to monitor, and we have improv our ability to monitor how the gas cards are being used. no i don't we should elimine it. we should take the steps necessary to protect the things that we're entrusted with. >> for more information about these d the others suspected of fleecing taxpayers for buying gasoline for their own cars go to the nbc washington app. scott mcfarland news 4 eye-team. a judge has denied bond for daniel rosen. the state department's chief counte official. he has been charged with solici sex from a minor. he'll be
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the man who killed the so-called amerin sniper will s life in prison. we sent you a push alert when the verdict came in. now that the trial is over are emerging abou. nbc's jay gray has that. >> later. most in the small texas town are not surprised at all by the guilty verdict. he went out, killed two men. that's just wrong. you don't do that. whr youe sick in the head not.
4:58 pm
>> as things slowly get back to the way they were before the high-pro case here for two families is a new and very differen normal now. >> i miss him. i'm glad that justice was served for him. >> there's no movie about chad littlefi the son, husband, father and friend who died alongse navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle. th basis for the blockbuster movie, american sniper. because chad w not in the movie because the attention was not focused on him, we think it helped the case. >> a case we're learning much more about now. the court releasing key evidence and testimony following the guilty verdict. >> dashcam video as the killer eddie ray routh was captured by police and his rambling confessi jus hou after the attack. i knew if i did not take out his soul he was coming to take emotional testimony from
4:59 pm
kyle's widow taya sharing her memories of last time she saw her husband. we said we loved each other. kiss and hug like we always did. >> more than two years later, the emotions are still raw and painful. there is a renewed sense of hope now you that comes with the end of the trial. >> i've seen more good in this world than bad. even though i lost my son. i've seegood. there is goo in this world. >> but still, they struggle to unders why two heroes were taken way too soon. jay gray nbc news stephenv texas. more snow headed our way. news 4 at 5:00 starts now.
5:00 pm
jim, wendy. pat, this is a major winter store. it's walloping parts of the southet now. >> it's a big mess down there. a wintry mix of snow sleet, freezing rain. it's moving our way this moment. the timing is not pretty. you may be in for a rough commute tomorrow morning. s expected to dmom at the height of our rush hour. >> keep it locked right here for school delays and closings and have the nbc washington app handy. our live team coverage start now with doug and the flakes are going fal early tomorrow morning. guys. e thung we want people to remember this not going to be a big snowstorm in our area, but it's going to have a big impact. wh i mean by that when the sn sta tomorrow it will stk immediately to the roads. also what happ on saturday as the snow began to fall the roads quickly became snow covered. think we could be in for that again on your thursday morning. here's t sto


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